About Us

How did ‘Gorgeous Little Bits’ get started? by Laura Robson

I've always loved art, and drawing specifically but until 2020 was working in the food industry. I started up my own business selling cards and art prints, and although it was going well I had so many ideas, and needed some time to let them all process.

Lockdown hit as my second child was born and I was craving to connect with my family, who live the other side of the country, and I wasn’t able to. Especially my gran who had just turned 90 and was starting to get unwell; I was desperate for her to meet her new great-grandchild and there was nothing I could do about it.  I started seeking out old letters that I’d been written from my grandparents. I couldn’t find them. I really thought I’d kept them safe as they are so special to me, but I hadn’t got them out and hadn’t seen them in a long time. Where were they?

I gave up searching for them, as I had a lot on with my toddler and my newborn. Then, like all of these things when we surrender, they turned up. They were in a folder which had been very tucked away, and I had more than I remembered. I had letters, and birthday cards from both sets of grandparents, and I was so thankful I had found them. I also had letters written to me by my husband when he was deployed for 9 months (my gran always did warn me never to marry a sailor).

Although intact, and some in envelopes still, I wanted a way to be able to display some without risking the originals getting damaged.  That’s when I came up with the idea of ‘Letters From A Loved One’, I thought that people would love to get letters and notes engraved onto permanent keepsakes, that will last for generations.

I also realised that I was incredibly lucky to have letters, but that many people only have signatures from cards or small notes, if anything. So there are also products which can have a signature, small note or name engraved with a piece of artwork.

These personalised ranges allow us to celebrate loved ones, who have passed or who are present, and keep them close and on display in a subtle and beautiful way.

Is it all about letters/notes?

They are a fabulous part of what Gorgeous Little Bits is about, but it’s not all we do. We love any reason to celebrate, and are on hand if you fancy passing the prosecco, it’s so important to celebrate the here and now as well as past memories. We love wedding signs, personalised gifts, signage, birthdays and all things fun!

We are also aspiring to create beautiful memorials for funerals and memorial ceremonies, we know that those who you love but are no longer with us were vibrant, beautiful souls and the work we do is reflective of that. 

We hope you love browsing our products and seeing our keepsake options, and hope it inspires you to dig out your old memories.  We love to see cool stuff that you dig out. Just tag us @gorgeouslittlebits on Instagram and Facebook.